Watershed Management (MP)

Ever since CARD began its journey in 1999 it was labeled as the watershed expert agency due to profile of some of its stalwarts. During the period 1998-2008 NGOs were not permitted as PIAs due to limitations of Hariyali guidelines. Therefore CARD began as a training, monitoring and evaluation agency in watershed field. The first break in implementation came from DRDA, Jhabua during the year 2001, by identifying CARD as PIA for Rajeev Gandhi Watershed Development and Management Mission in one miliwatershed of Thandla block consisting of three villages of one Gram Panchayatand area of 1625 hectares. This was followed by Ghughari watershed in Mandla district in 2003. As on today CARD is one among few such NGOs nationwide who are working in more than one lakh hectares in over 200 villages involving around 20000 households. Our partners include both government (Rajeev Gandhi watershed Mission, NREGA, IWMP, MPRLP, DPIP, NVDA) and other agencies (NABARD, ITC), etc. CARD proposes to integrate farming system approach with watershed programme.

Watershed/ Irrigation Development Programmes (Field facilitation)

Title Of Project Location/Area (District) Partners Watershed/Irrigation works
NREGA based watershed programme Mandla, Jhabua, Dhar, Ujjain districts(2007-13) NREGA, RGWM, Deptt of Rural Development Soil and water conservation in 10000 ha in Mandla, 5000 ha each in other districts
IWMP Ujjain, Dindori (2011-15) MoRD, RGWM, ITC Soil and water conservation in 5000 ha each in the districts
Integrated Micro planning programme Mandla, Ujjain, Dhar(2010-2013) RGWM-NREGA Soil and water conservation in 5000 to 10000 ha in each district
Watershed Management Dhamtari District NABARD 5000 hectares
Watershed Management Dhar District NABARD 1000 hectares
NVDA CAT programme Mandla, Dhar, Harda, Hoshangabad(2010-2013) NVDA-NREGA Soil and water conservation in 5000 to 10000 ha in each district
Madhya Pradesh Rural Livelihood Programme Mandla & Dindori districts(2006-09) MPRLP, Govt. of M.P. 5000 ha each in Mandla and Dindori districts; over 50 farm ponds, dug wells, etc as TST.
DPRP (Nawa Anjor) Dhamatari, Chhattisgarh(2004-09) World Bank, Govt. of Chhattisgarh
50 villages in Magarlod block of Dhamatari district; two mega group lift irrigation projects covering 1000 ha, over 100 tube-well groups;
Indira Gandhi Integrated Dev. Project (DPIP) Agar Block Of Shajapur (35 Villages) (2001-2006) World Bank / Govt. Of M.P. 5 stop dams; 7 earthen dams, over 50 wells including one mega concrete stop dam of 43 gates on river Lakhunder with capacity of 0.9 mcum water storage
Swaranjayanti Gram Swarozgar Yojana Three blocks of Mandla & Dindori districts(2002-2006) Ministry of Rural Development, through DRDAs Hundreds of water based groups (dug wells/ diesel & electric pumps/ stop dams/ pons, etc
RGM for Watershed development Ghughari block of Mandla(2002-04) RGWM 3000  ha area in 5 villages
Micro Planning and Development Harda, Jhabua (2001-03) WFP/ Forest Deptt. 6 stop dam structures in 4 villages
Addressing drought proofing action plan Tirla Block Of Dhar 
Action Aid/CCF Water supply and  group irrigation with more than 100 tribal farmers in 12 villages