District Perspective Plan Under National Rural Employment Guarantee Programme of Dewas, Sidhi & Bhind District

  1. The important objectives of perspective plan are :-
    1. To review the current status of development programmes in the district.
    2. To identify the major constraints relating to land, forest, water resources and rural connectivity confronting economic development of the district.
    3. To identify the potential of development to accelerate the pace of socio- economic growth of the district.
    4. To improve the connectivity of remote villages with all weather roads so as to link them with nearby markets and other growth centres with a view to increase income and employment generating opportunities in the villages.
    5. To develop waste land for expanding agriculture related activities.
    6. Exploring employment avenues to improve livelihood measures on sustainable basis.

  1. The focus of the perspective plan will be on :-
    1. Improvement in rural connectivity.
    2. Soil conservation and water harvesting works.
    3. Extension of irrigation facilities.
    4. Rainwater harvesting related works.
    5. Improvement of drinking water facilities.
    6. Development of commercial forestry/horticulture and bio-fuel like Jatropha.
    7. Promotion of Self Help Groups [S.H.G] in sustainable manner.
    8. Exploring prospect of self – employment opportunities.

  1. Regarding study tools, formats were designed to collect primary information in district, block, Panchayat and village level schedules. Participatory Resource Analysis [PRA] and Focused Group Discussion [P.G.D] were also adopted as measures of study tools.

  1. Primary data on following parameters have been collected :-
    1. Status of existing infrastructure.
    2. Listing needs and requirements of the villagers including infrastructure.
    3. Ranking and prioritizing of schemes in ascending order for the years 2006-07 to 2010 -11.

  1. Regarding secondary data, the information collected was regarding fund availability at Gram Panchayat level, ongoing schemes of the line departments, BPL and APL lists and employment status of targeted households.
  2. A regular monitoring system was evolved. At the initial level the village level data was verified by the field supervisors and submitted to C.E.O. Janpad Panchayat. The sub – engineer of Janpad Pamchayat visited every site and prepared estimated cost of works. The district level officials also conducted regular monitoring that included officials like A.P.O. Perspective Plan, Project Officer, Watershed, C.E.O., Zila Panchayat etc.
  3. For drafting a comprehensive Five Year Perspective Plan, CARD has evolved three different stages of gathering information-firs from G.P. level, consolidation of information at block level and finally aggregating such information at district level along with estimated resource requirement.

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