How You Can Make a Difference?

Every individual or an organisation intends to do something which can help promote national economy as well as better the lives of others who are the sons and daughters of the lesser God; those who do not have adequate means and ways to support their life due to limitation of various factors, such as; resource-less-ness, remoteness, exclusion, social biases, etc. Despite best of wishes we are unable to support any such cause due to our professional bindings and time constraints. The private sector is now bound by legislation to spend a certain percentage of its profit on welfare of the community as corporate social responsibility. The government departments have a realization that their staff and the system have limitations to reach to the last section or the lowest group of people who are the rightful intended beneficiaries. The Government Undertakings also have the similar limitations as well as lack of specialised skill sets to serve the purpose.

For all those groups the basic issue remains how they can help? The related questions are; What to do? How to do? Where to do? for Whom? and Who can help in this?

CARD can offer certain windows to such groups. We have a network of volunteers and professional staff across the Central India and specialise in strengthening livelihood support systems as part of the overall mainstream integrated development, which includes health and education sectors besides farming and non-farming systems based economy. We work with farmers, women, youth of marginalised and backward communities.

CARD has also worked in State/ National level networks of reputed NGOs for scaling up any such efforts at pan India level. We offer the following services to various such stakeholders.


CARD can offer such services to willing Corporates to define CSR strategy, conducting stakeholder’s analysis in planning CSR activities, implementing CSR and performing Impact assessment.

Defining CSR strategy:

Many Corporates have very well designed CSR strategies but after the introduction of the CSR mandate, many companies are yet making ad-hoc decisions due to various limitations. But all these Corporates, be it the Nava Ratnas, or the Tatas/ Birlas or the lesser known entities are concerned about judicious spending of their funds and tangible results and impact.

  1. Conceptualizing and defining CSR philosophy and objectives and Defining vision, mission and long term working strategy,
  2. Follow Government of India Companies (Corporate Social Responsible Policy) Rules, 2013 as per the provisions of Section 135(1)of the Companies Act, 2013; and accordingly undertake projects or programs or activities through itself or registered trust or society or company;
  3. Help the Client Company to comply and meet all the requirements of CSR Rules and other regulatory requirements.
  4. To represents the Company in all the requisite permissions, approvals, licenses as required under various laws and regulations.

Planning and implementing CSR projects:

CARD takes Corporate Support to meet its objectives of community support programme as well as supports Corporates in planning and meeting their CSR initiatives. CARD has been associated with some brand names since a decade. We provide services for the following:

  1. To provide necessary skills, knowledge, experience, infrastructure and expertise to perform the CSR activities as per the requirement of Act and CSR Rules and to the satisfaction of the client.
  2. Preparing an implementation roadmap; by setting up objective wise detailed activities and budgets,
  3. Recruiting appropriate staff and selecting local implementation partners (if needed) and orient them accordingly.
  4. Defining processes and reporting framework to measure outcomes and monitor progress.
  5. Publishing periodic reports (weekly updates, monthly project reports, quarterly review reports, etc) for regular updates and monitoring by the company.
  6. Establishing networks and leverages for matching funding requirements (if needed).

CARD also supports Corporates in identifying needs and aspirations of the community residing in the periphery of industrial units so that need based programmes can be identified and prepared. It also conducts baseline surveys and impact assessment of Corporates initiatives:

Assessing the needs of stakeholders

  1. To conduct a Rapid Need Assessment and Prioritization of Company’s Immediate CSR Actions and to identify popular needs and general community needs,
  2. To prepare a d data base of these villages through collection of secondary information.
  3. To assess the general needs (Popular Need and Perceived Need) of the community living in the study villages.
  4. Community’s perception towards present CSR interventions/ policy.
  5. To understand the various views of community for the planning and development of CSR programme.

Performing Impact Assessment/ Social Satisfaction Survey:

  1. To assess Community’s perception towards present CSR interventions/ policy.
  2. To understand the views of community for the planning and development of CSR programme.
  3. To evaluate the impact of CSR activity on business objectives (increased visibility, brand recognition etc.), on NGO partners and on community/beneficiaries.
  4. To see how the CSR policy addresses the issues of Quality of Life of the habitants of the surrounding habitats of a given Company.
  5. To analyse the intensity of various impacts resulted due to different manufacturing operations.
  6. To understand the different programmes adopted by the unit to mitigate the negative impacts of different operation and production steps of the company.
  7. To understand the level of awareness of population towards possible environmental affects by the production processes of the company.
  8. To understand the views of community for the development of programme required to reduce environmental vulnerability in the particular residential areas.


CARD identifies itself as a development NGO working primarily on livelihoods issues in rural sector. CARD believes in mainstream development and acknowledges the role of government in the overall development and welfare. We have specialized in improving the existing delivery mechanism of the government by providing participatory soft skills. We believe in complementing the mainstream development process rather than competing with it so as to have a larger impact.

  1. CARD can help government by bringing in attitudinal change, disseminating knowledge and by imbibing participatory skills amongst the concerned staff as well as other stakeholders.
  2. Can act as an interface NGO between the government machinery and the beneficiaries; both the individuals and societies.
  3. Can perform as an implementation partner in facilitation of all development programmes.
  4. Can perform the task of M&E agency, by providing regular monitoring services
  5. For details of programmes where CARD can help please visit our website (thematic areas).


Most of the professionals who join the job market are obsessed with the targets and the career becomes stereo typed and need a break. We often do not get a chance to do what we aspire rather we have to earn to live. For a change you may take a couple of month’s/ years break and do what you desire. Such passionate professionals are welcome to join CARD for a specific period. We will provide basic boarding and lodging facilities to them. Do prepare a study proposal and find a sponsor for meeting its expenses (if any) and approach CARD to associate in any of its field areas.