Community Initiatives for Secured Childhood among Bhils

Secured Childhood through Community Initiatives- a long term Child Development Programme is being implemented in 20 villages of Tirla block of Dhar district. The programme aims at child centered total development through sponsor ship of around one thousand children/households and is intended on one hand total development of the future children and long term drought proofing of the region on the other.

To achieve the long term goal of secured childhood for the present and future generations and food security, the project “Secured Childhood through Resource Management” sets the following objectives and strategies:

  • To ensure that the children of the selected region enjoy reasonable standard of living with secured future development by improving health and education infrastructure.
  • To ensure that women are brought to the forefront of development processes for an assured child security by involving women in the decision making process, build their capacities and assure involvement of women in the development processes.
  • To ensure that the government social security schemes are properly implemented and reach the right beneficiaries so that food for even the most vulnerable and marginalized person in the community is secured

It was proposed to initiate the above strategies with CFI during 2004 in the selected cluster of villages. CFI support mainly focused on education, health, nutrition, and early child development components, and partially in livelihoods security issues. CARD integrated it with NREGA based watershed programmes.

The major achievements are;
  • 14 ECD centers with 420 children on role,
  • 16 child clubs formed,
  • 25 households developed small orchards
  • Dairy income generation activities were pursued by 50 households,

  • 3 child resource centers well equipped with computers and other teaching aids started
  • Ten Reading Skill Improvement Programmes covering 300 children,
  • Implementation of school Quality Improvement Program to create healthy education environment in selected schools with Community or Govt. Education Dept.
  • Facilitation of Reading Skill Improvement Programme in Government Schools Support classes  to improve the grade of school children
  • Group counseling sessions on examination phobia

  • Safe Motherhood: ANC, PNC, Hundred percent institutional deliveries,
  • Child Care: Immunization, nutritional care and support, 82 percent immunization among children, Routine immunization camps for children and pregnant women in linkages with line Department.
  • ANC/PNC camps are being organized at village/block level for the community and provide IFA tablets.
  • Capacity building of adolescent on personnel hygiene, RCH
  • Awareness, prevention of Malaria, HIV/ AIDS, Family Planning Emergency help by project in serious cases