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MKSP Initiative
Corporate Social Responsibility(CSR) Initiatives
  • A Team of over hundred subject specialists
  • Field facilitation of development initiatives in 607 villages of 13 districts of M.P. and C.G.
  • Formation of over 2000 SHGs, 500 CIGs. 70 Women Thrift and credit societie's, 1 producers' company and 1 Natural Product Processing Company and a Honey Hunters Federation
  • Own savings of community groups over Rs. 2 Crore
  • Watershed rehabilitation works on around 1,00,000 hectare land
  • Construction of more than 100 water harvesting structures
  • over 100 publications (Research studies,impact assessment, perception surveys, evaluations)
 What is CARD ?

The Centre for Advanced Research & Development (CARD) is a non-government organisation established in India with its HQ at Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh). The field action projects of the Centre are scattered over the states of Madhya Pradesh and Chhattisgarh (Central India), but its researched, evaluation and documentation activities are nation -wide. CARD has been established to promote advanced research and to apply its findings for the protection and development of the society and its environment.


  What We Do?

Centre for Advanced Research & Development believes in Mainstream Development and Community-based Natural Resource Management approach to reduce rural poverty. The sustainability of this approach largely depends on the empowerment of the communities for not only sharing the costs and benefits at all levels, but also by demanding their entitlements. This can only be achieved by bringing in attitudinal change, disseminating knowledge and by imbibing particdipatory skills amongst various development stakeholders. Further the scalability of such approach is posssible only if it is merged with mainstream of development, ie.e. the development efforts of the state and the central government. CARD has developed a reputation of working with and improvising the goverment delivery systems.


Who We are ?

The management of CARD is in the hands of committed professionals who make an interesting mix of youth and experience. The faculty of CARD consists of experts from various fields. They include the mainstream development professionals, government officials, academicians and enterprising individuals in private institutions. We have a team of dedicated professionals with varied backgrounds like Agriculture Sciences, Rural Management, Engineering, Social Work, Rural Extension, Journalism and Communications.


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